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  • NHS Enfield website

    NHS Enfield

    NHS Enfield was established in April. The trust is responsible for improving the health of people in Enfield and ensuring they receive the best possible healthcare by commissioning health services to meet the needs of our local population.

    The website uses some of the latest web tech including HTML 5, CSS3 webkit, NHS Choices syndication and twitter integration

    NHS Enfield

    NHS Enfield Facebook

  • BEH Future NHS website project

    BEH Futures

    Following discussions and engagement with the local authorities, LINks, GPs, hospital clinicians and other stakeholders, a process has been agreed by the Strategic Coordination Group, whose membership includes representatives from local authorities and LINks in Barnet, Enfield, Haringey and Hertfordshire, as well as local GPs and acute trust clinicians, together with the PCTs, for the local NHS to take account of the four tests and take forward these challenges.

    BEH Future

  • Get Tested

    Get tested website

    You can even test yourself, order a testing kit on this website. While you are here, find out more about chlamydia, how to take the test, and how to lower the risk of catching.


They're good at listening and interpreting what is required, and then they add their own special twist.
The work they produce is always on time and to the highest standard no matter how complex the brief.

NHS Haringey