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  • Starting a world wide communication with a website

    01/06/2017 | Posted By Midax

    Many of us will have ideas for an internet web site, but do not know where to start. Firstly who do I go to? As there are so many providers of web services. There are so many questions, including the all important how much is it going to cost?

    Because of the technical base of the web there is a lot of terminology that can be confusing. An internet web site is essentially a collection of uniformed pages that sit on a computer somewhere. The Internet is world wide network hence the name world wide web.

    For most of us we don't need to know the technical detail, all we want is a website that we can add our content to quickly and easily. Another important concern is how the pages look, this is the web design. Every web project I have worked on I find people have concerns about how the pages appear, the page layout, colours and fonts.

    Before any website gets built you should think about the purpose of the website with a long term view. Note it down and build up the content and the design. How will You keep the content up to date so your audience will keep visiting. Websites have now become a complex tool for organisations and individuals. We suggest that you start basic and build up your site as your knowledge of web increases.

    Get started on your website adventure with the Midax webteam. We offer potential clients a free test website to get their ideas going

  • Going forward

    01/07/2017 | Posted By Midax

    The world of web standards

    In our most recent project the Midax Webteam conducted research regarding user interface experience and introduced some of the latest
    web technologies including responsive web design, CSS3, Javascript library JQuery and new web standard HTML 5.

    HTML 5 for web site information gathering forms and improved page performance

    The use of REST based services

  • The best tools for the job

    01/09/2017 | Posted By Midax

    The Midax web team members have the ability to hand build their websites using the Adobe suite

    We are still hand coding large elements of our sites we are now offering content management overall solution

    We have been document management specialists for the last six years. We are also experienced using popular content management systems including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

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